Bickers GmbH - Your glueing expert

Bickers is well known for fully automated XY GLUEJET®-tables, manual and automatic glue application systems quality hot melt glue guns and hot melt adhesives. On our website we present the most common products. If you do not find the required product on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Application Units

POST Bickers 1a HG2 RGBLarge bonds require professional solutions - the adhesive should be applied evenly and quickly to ensure maximum stability of the bond.

Therefore we offer our hot melt systems in various designs and stages of development for almost all applications.

Wether our fully automatic XY GLUEJET® tables, laminating machines of our swedish partner Lamina or our  manual and automatic glue application systems like our DuraBlue, we offer a large range of products to your needs.


Glue Guns

KlebepistolenOur professional Heavy Duty Industrial Glue Guns are available for variuos types of glue like sticks, pillows or granule.

With their temperature control, drip-free nozzles, stroke adjustors to pre-set the amount of glue output, lit On/Off- switches light weight and non breakable housings they are ideal for effort-saving and fatigue-free working.


Industrial Adhesives

IndustrieklebstoffeAdhesives are an indispensable part of today's industry. Simple bonding is time-and effort-saving. Our wide range of products is pervasive in various fields of application. 

Here you get an overwiev of our most common adhesives like: hot melt adhesive sticks, cubes or granules, cold adhesives, metal adhesives, electrically conductive adhesives, sealants, epoxy, and cyanoacrylate adhesives.